The 150-acre Mumtaz Farms is a sub-company of the Mumtaz Group of Companies. Located at a 40-minute drive from Islamabad, the farm is nestled within the scenic Margalla Hills.

The Mumtaz Farms is spread over 1,500 kanals of farm land, with a current worth of [] and has been developed after extensive landscaping efforts, and a vision for the farming of the future.

The farm currently boasts an impressive orchard of the locally beloved Khanpuri version of Kinnow (a hybrid citrus), strawberries and guavas. The future vision behind the farm is to cultivate the art of organic farming and diversify the food culture in the local area.

The Mumtaz Group of Companies is cognizant of the rising interest in fertilizer-free food as awareness and health consciousness in the Pakistani consumer is on the rise. The orchard, which is being further developed, will be used to cater to the demand of high-end local consumers in Islamabad in the near future.

The residents of Islamabad, largely comprising of bureaucrats, professionals and diplomats, plays host to two farmer markets in the winter/spring season, and a night market in the summers. These markets are held on both days of the weekend and are hosted in different parts of the city, namely Shakarparian and the Gol Market. The farmers market is thronged by visitors who are on the lookout for fresh, organically-certified produce that is not usually available at the local grocers. It’s the success of these very farmer markets that paved that way to the idea of a sustainable demand for organic farming, a concept that is slowly being realized in the country.

The Mumtaz Farms will also be open to school field trips, large picnics and day-visits for locals who may be fruit and vegetable enthusiasts, or to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, into a refreshing, peaceful environment.


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